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Name:Shinatose Izana
Birthdate:Oct 28
Location:Sidonia, California, United States of America
A thousand years ago, Earth was destroyed by gigantic, shapeshifting alien monsters dubbed Guana. Humanity fled from Earth in colossal spaceships before the destruction, but now there is but one spaceship known to have survived the Guana, the seed ship Sidonia...

Name: Shinatose Izana
Rank: Garde Pilot Cadet
Sex: Intersex
Gender: Third (See below)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 55 kilograms
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue-Grey

Izana is a genetically engineered human of obvious Japanese decent (whether a second generation of such engineering or directly engineered themself remains to be seen) and is of a sex that has both male and female characteristics; they identify as a third gender. (More about this here, though be warned of minor spoilers).

Izana, like most other humans aboard the seed ship Sidonia, photosynthesises for subsistence and thus only needs to eat food once a week.

A quick note about Izana's scent: Because they do not eat food everyday, and thus don't play host to a variety of bacteria, they smell differently than another human might. As well, they live aboard a space craft traveling deep in space, and while the space craft has many animal and plant lifeforms aboard, it is still an entirely artificial environment. Of course, the environment has have a millennia to adapt.

Another potential addition to Izana's scent will be the space suits Garde pilots wear. Called skin suits, they feature organic elements and the author has mentioned they do have their own, noticeable odor. I will make note of when Izana has been wearing one in tags and EPs.

Player's Note: Izana comes from a culture that is obviously based on Japanese society. As well, Izana is of a non-binary sex and gender queer. While I will do my best to respect and accurately depict both aspects of this character, I can only support this with online research. If I somehow offend in my play, I deeply apologize and offer this entry for communication.

Also, both the Izana and their narrator are okay with folks misgendering them or even mistaking their given name vs family name (i.e. thinking Shinatose is their given name when it is in fact their family name). If, for any reason, this proves harmful to anyone, feel free to drop me a line and I will reconsider my position. I am basing Izana's tolerance of misgendering on their canon, in which the third gender is so accepted that they have their own public baths, but I realize our world is not so accepting.

Canon note: I will be using the english dubbed Knights of Sidonia on Netflix (as it is the easiest to access for me), but I will be reverse engineering it to, hopefully, more accurately reflect a culture that is Japanese. Some elements from the manga may make their way into play as well.

Canon pont: Season 01, episode 07 of the anime or Chapter 10 of the manga.

Izana now is on t-minus as prescientRigger.

Shinatose Izana is from the manga/anime Sidonia No Kishi (or Knights of Sidonia here in the US). They belong to Tsutomu Nihei, and/or Kodansha publishing and Polygon Pictures (in the case of the anime). They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar , from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Interests (5):

candied apples, mysterious sights, piloting, saving sidonia, swimming

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